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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Have you ever prayed about something and was sure God heard? In fact He sent multiple confirmation as a witness? Dreams, Visions, Word of knowledge, Prophecy. 'God has spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belong unto God' (Psalms 62:11). Well this is my story and I hope it encourages someone reading this material.

This is my story

In one year, I've lost 2 good job prospects, not been all so financially sufficient and became so dependent I had to move back home. When I thought I had seen the end of it all, I had to cancel a few trips just because I could not afford it. I could not even afford my travel ticket to attend church once. Did you ever think you have hit the bottom of a barrel and all you see is darkness? Let me tell you, your situation might even be someone else's testimony like a very dear friend would say. Life is funny, I was initially perplexed at the beginning of the year why everything was going wrong for me.

I started this year with so many hopes and dreams and aspirations and it all looked rosy but something happened and I lost it all. I don't know what it is, what caused it. I believe I was in right standing with God. But the Lord would remind me of the story of JOB in the bible.

Listen, God is speaking in your storm.

It happened so that in fact God was speaking to me in the midst of my trials, trouble and calamity. I was too anxious and troubled in my spirit that I could not perceive His voice (1 Kings 19:11-12). Elijah felt the same way. He was troubled and scared of Jezebel, Ahab's wife, the king of Israel. Remember the story of how he called down fire from heaven and it consumed the sacrifice before God but the prophets of Baal were not able to do the same? Afterwards(1 Kings 18:40), he asked the people of Israel to capture the prophets of Baal and he slew them in the brook of Kishon. After Jezebel heard this, she was furious with Elijah. He ran to the wilderness in fear of his life because Jezebel swore to do the same to him (1 Kings 19:2).

God appeared to Elijah but he could not discern. He was not in the mountain, the wind, the earthquake nor the fire but was a still small voice (1 Kings 19:11-12). I fell into this category many times that everything was not working right for me. Even though God was speaking to me and protecting me, I was not giving Him my time and so the enemy could attack me because I could not perceive His warning for defense.

In my quiet time, 9 months later, I heard the voice of God and He spoke to me. Directly and through many other means. Everything was all the same. He told me exactly what He had wanted me to deal with a long time ago. Only if I had perceived His voice and heeded his commandment.

Revelation before the Storm

Now in this life, there are seen and unseen laws that govern us, the elements and everything around. Just as we have the physical laws of physics, government, there is the spiritual. If we are not alert in our spirit man, our physical man would suffer because the spiritual determines what happens in the physical. A good example is Joseph's dream that the sun and moon and stars bowed down to him (Genesis 37:9). His dream was not physical yet it still happened in Egypt about 2 decades later. Remember the famine in Egypt also? God showed it through a spiritual means to Pharaoh in the dream before it manifested physically but He was merciful enough through Joseph's interpretation to give enough time to store for the famine (Genesis 41:1-8).

The enemy of our destiny does not want us to realize our PURPOSE in LIFE which is absolutely crucial to fulfilling destiny. Here there are two parts to tackle:

1. Revelation of the things about to happen and how God wants us to deal with them
2. Knowing purpose

Hearing God in the Storm

The only way we can receive from God is to wait patiently on Him and 'be anxious for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and petition with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God' (Philippians 4:6). After this, He wants us to rest in him; Philippians 4:7 and Matthew 11:28-30. In all this, we must have faith 'that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus' (Philippians 1:6), as for without faith, we cannot please God.

Now if we are too busy to hear from God, we cannot even receive clear instructions and then like the devil wants, we are confused. Anxiety comes in welcomed leading us to believe that God is not working for us. We fall into the trap of fear. We start to take matters into our own hands not trusting God. Unlike having the spirit if God to lead and direct us, when we don't yield to the spirit of God, another spirit takes over. The 'Spirit of Confusion' and it leads us further way from the voice of God when we yield to it.

Unfortunately, we we fall into sin, the Spirit of the Lord is bound to leave, 'for your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrongdoing' (Habakkuk 1:13a). When the spirit of the Lord departs, another spirit takes control. Remember the story of Saul? ' Now the spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him' (1 Samuel 16:14). Until we come to the realization that we can do nothing but without God, we keep revolving around the same spot. Now depending on how long we truly acknowledged that it is only God who can help us, like the children of Israel who should have spent 40 days in the desert, they spent 40 years altogether because they murmured and complained a lot (Numbers 14: 27-34).

Knowing Purpose

An anchor in the Storm

It is so CRUCIAL TO KNOW WHAT YOUR PURPOSE IS. Tell you what, when God sent you to earth, He had already given you a purpose. A fantastic example is when Jesus came to earth. At age 12, He had already started teaching in the temple. Why is that? He was convinced of His purpose and calling here on earth. Prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:4-8 before he was formed, God sanctified him, ordained him a prophet to the nations. Now in this case, he did not know like Jesus did. God had to reveal his purpose to him. How powerful is that?!. I believe that God still speaks and can reveal your purpose to you if you are willing.

Why is this important? As children of God, He has called us to a life of abundance and greatness. We cannot live a life substandard to excellence. Jesus was excellent! Further more he said, these works which I have done, that will ye do and even greater works than these (John 14:12). How can we then know what to do if we don't know our purpose? In order to live and excellent and fulfilled life here on earth, we must find out exactly what he wants us to do. Remember God had His good, acceptable and perfect will. Having a purpose is like a vision you work towards. No matter how many times you fall, you have the strength from this promise to attain it!

If you think of life as a gift that we only get one chance, one shot at, then maybe knowing purpose would help see things more clearly.

Why does God allow the Storm?

Sometimes, we come into storms in life not because God hates us but sometimes God allows these things happen to us like in the case of Job because He actually loves us.

1. So that we can move to greater heights and enjoy eternity with him.
2. In order to achieve purpose.
3. So that we can be a blessing to others.

God does not hate us but loves us so much that you only have to be able to experience this love yourself because words cannot comprehend the extent and gravity of His love for us.

How to Cope in the Storm

When nothing seems right, I encourage you to trust God with every fiber of your being. The road might seem long, but the same God who made a way for the Israelites between the red sea is still alive today. Test the Lord and know that he is good, there is nothing he cannot do. Amen, God bless.


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