Advice | When nothing seems right

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Have you ever prayed about something and was sure God heard? In fact He sent multiple confirmation as a witness? Dreams, Visions, Word of knowledge, Prophecy. 'God has spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belong unto God' (Psalms 62:11). Well this is my story and I hope it encourages someone reading this material.

This is my story

In one year, I've lost 2 good job prospects, not been all so financially sufficient and became so dependent I had to move back home. When I thought I had seen the end of it all, I had to cancel a few trips just because I could not afford it. I could not even afford my travel ticket to attend church once. Did you ever think you have hit the bottom of a barrel and all you see is darkness? Let me tell you, your situation might even be someone else's testimony like a very dear friend would say. Life is funny, I was initially perplexed at the beginning of the year why everything was going wrong for me.

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