LBDs | Dare to stand out in black this christmas

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hi beautiful people and readers and lovers and happy people. I've missed you soooooo much.Thanks for being patient with me and my page. If you follow my instagram (@classysusiee), you would gather evidence for why I've been so inconsistent.

Do not worry, I am back now with full force and even better contents to gorge your eyeballs out. IT'S CHRISTMAS NEXT WEEK! Bet you've all done your shopping or are still in the process. As for moi, I have just completed the first semester of my course. I was absolutely worked to the core but but... I enjoyed it. Yep my geeky side just loves hardcore study. NEWAYS! it's christmas or odun(yoruba language) and I have some yummy contents to unleash on this website so you don't fret.. oh wait I said that already...

'Congrats to all students for making it this far
Working people and sticking up that humble placard when you really want to 'scream' at your boss
New mothers and expecting mothers
Newly weds and newly engaged
Lovers and Friends'

Okay to the point. Since parties are on their way this christmas and New year's eve, I've put this post together to prepare. 

LADIES: a black dress is the hottest staple to hide in, hide all and feel uber appealing. Here's how I've styled my simple mini. LBDs are just too good.

GUYS: what would we do without you? Compliment your special miss/mrs with whatever outfit she has on. We always get our way eventually so I suggest you permit her to suggest some changes to any obviously flamboyant fashion error on your path. P.S You can never go wrong with a suede/ velvety blazer and  a matching pair of suede / leather shoes. It's just the it staple if all else fails.
dress, clutch and necklace- NEW LOOK// Sandals- ALDO// rings- H&M// Nail polish- here

Don't forget, its a season of celebration and festivities of the most famous prophet in the world. My prophet. What an amazing teacher he was and still is. Dare to stand out in black. The world is full of surprises. Take a chance this season.


Thanks for reading

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