Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Day 1: Tagliatelle and scampi with zucchini
Day 2: Salmone Affumicato

 If there is one place to visit again in Sicily, It is definitely Argrigento!
I absolutely loved this nice little town, it wasn't quite urban like neither was it too small to recall all the faces on the streets like in Enna. It was just right. The Colleverde Park Hotel lived up to expectation, very spacious, yet another wonderful breakfast bar like in Cefalu, fantastic views and proximal to the nearest local shop (5 mins away). An added bonus was the spectacular view the back garden gazebo offered. It overlooked the Mediterranean and I couldn't ask for more on a mid-week morning. The only negative part was getting into town. Walking took a good 30mins or thereabouts. Not complaining against the marvellous architecture on the way though.

                                                     Breakfast: Colleverde Park Hotel
Every buffet specialties like in Cefalu
Recommendation: 5/5
                                                  skip this if you don't understand rocks.

Fellow geologists, after examining the Tortonian Scillato formations which comprised of shallow water marine deposits (fluvial conglomerates, sandstones, muds in a basinward direction) and Rocca Limata Limestone which formed alongside eachother, we spent the 4th day browsing the Corvillo Basin. This included exploration of the formation of younger facies Carbonates which formed after the shallow marine muds and sands. Carbonates started to transition into evaporites in the geological record. On the last night here, we examined the Messinian to early Pliocene Strata of the south coast and visited the Realmonte Mine. These evaporites (diatomites, anhydrites, halite, sylvite and salt) were capped by calcareous chalk rich in (coccolithophores fauna).

Chapel Place
At the end of day 1, we visited a lovely Italian restaurant situated in a courtyard overlooking and ancient chapel. Tagliatelle was very delicious although I was expecting and actual scampi as stated on the menu. Not a whole shrimp.
Reccomendation: 4.5/5

Tempilli Athena
By day two, as you can tell after covering miles of hiking and thinking, we were pretty exhausted and so settled for dinner at Tempili Athena. I had a nice Salmon meal with baby potatoes and rosemary dressing glazed in olive oil and served with lemons and cabbage.
Recommendation: 5/5

Wifi connectivity: 1.5/5


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