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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hair journey between 2012-2014

Okay so this post is going to be a little different from my usual travel and outfit posts. Today, I am reviewing some branded but affordable hair products. Since 2011, I have paid more attention to the growth of my hair. Ever since I noticed its curl pattern after taking it out of a braided hairstyle, I fell in love with it and promised to dedicate the start of 2012 its proper care.

I experimented, bought and practised with so many products and brands that in fact some remain sitting on my beauty cabinet in my parents house. Well, In 2013, I made a breakthrough with my top favourites and amongst these are the oils I would be reviewing below. As you can see, there has been a massive change in health, length, body, elasticity, strength and sheen of my natural hair. Of course I still experiment with products (#product junkie) as my hair gets bigger (#curlygirlproblems). In fact I would be making my first visit to a professional hair stylist for a trim and dye treatment very soon so let me know of any 'colour' recommendations you feel would suit my skin tone.

Finally, I would like to thank my sisters for believing in me and finally agreeing to use some of these oils, my mum & dad for accepting my 'retro hipster' personality in preferring to wear out my natural hair, my friends for continually encouraging me and 1 Corinthians 11:15 for giving me the courage to pull through these trying periods of figuring out how and what to do with my hair in a society that hardly represents my natural curl pattern.

THE ROSEMARY OIL- for growth and reduced breakage

This oil works miracles, it is too brilliant to be non-living. After noticing that my hair didn't grow equally in length, I researched to find a natural remedy and the many reviews on rosemary oils on websites, youtube pages and books (hair rules, curly girl handbook) persuaded me to give it a try. Initially, I wasn't sure if I could pull through because on application, the strong menthol smell of the oil and its stinging sensation on my scalp was a little strange. Eventually, with will of growing my hair as healthily, I surrendered to 'rosemary pressure'. I tell you, I don't regret that decision. After a month of using this product, I noticed a significant change in
  1. health
  2. volume
  3. strength
and I have been addicted ever since. It is also proven to improve mental capacity, reduce stress and maintain that fabulous summer belly. Read more HERE

THE ARGAN OIL- for silkier, softer and shinier hair

This oil is just too good to be attainable. Apart from its hair wonders, argan oil can be used for several other cosmetic and beauty benefits. This oil is relatively the most expensive due to the rigorous method of production and the many processing stages from its original kernel. Majorly found in Morocco, this oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids which contain antioxidant properties that enable our hair strands to attain maximum strength and protection from environmental radicals. To read more on how this oil can be used as a styling agent, hair mask or shampoo, click HERE

THE CASTOR OIL- for length retention and elasticity (a curly girl's best friend)

Erm, excuse me if you haven't heard about castor oil but can I just get a minute to give a round of applause to my maker? When I was created, He knew I would need this as an African girl. Long ago, the Egyptians discovered the true benefits of castor oil for many purposes but most importantly, hair. As a naturally coily curly head, I experience a lot of dryness, shrinkage and friction between my strands 4 days after my wash day and this leads to breakage (screams). Of course I can wash my hair more often e.g. everyday but this would only contribute to dryness and more damage and besides, have you seen the length of my hair?!.

In all honesty, I am not meant to wash everyday due to the nature of my hair's texture, I better follow what I know works for me. Instead, I co-wash my hair every 5 days with the ACV rinse method. This aside.. on occasions where I suffer from extreme dryness like during the winter months, castor oil becomes my hair's bestest friend. It's thick consistency is perfect to buff additional oil mixtures (coconut, olive, argan) for a hot oil steam treatment which rejuvenates my hair's elasticity and strength. Additional, I often use it to seal the ends of my hair to prevent it from splitting. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevents thinning hair and dry scalp. It is the perfect 'umf' for a 4b-4c natural curl pattern. Note that the castor oil is equally applicable to all hair type and gives similar benefits however, a curly haired depends very much on its properties. Read more HERE.


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