A/W 2014 | Are the leaves falling yet?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hey there? ca va? haha my french can be rusty. Missed you guys. A couple of days ago, I posted a recent novel purchase on my instagram page. This riveting novel has been on my to-buy list since I ended my finals at university/ college in June. Yep, I'm pretty much stuck in. You'd think this shoeaholic should be raving about a bag/ shoe/cloth right? haha. Nope, I'm geeking it out this last few summery days. The Italian Girl creates an Italian escape for me, love it.

It's been raining a lot in England, honestly have no clue why. I mean, autumn is pretty much badging through the doors now. Summer is so not having it!

This post is long overdue and might as well spill it. Currently listening to Keane for motivation haha. During late July / early August, I got a wonderful magazine from asos along with a hair heat masque due to my recent lace dress purchase. I was very impressed with the content and fashion/ style updates for my autumn/ winter collection. In fact, I am soo tempted to sign up for a full annual subscription. What do you think? and what's your to go playlist? In the wake of the London fashion week between the 12th-16th of September, I have an autumn lookbook coming soon.. look out

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