A day out in this citown | Part 1

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Tom yum goong: prawns and mushroom and lemongrass and thai chilli peppers (hot stuff)!

cold lemonade: works well with that grade 3 thai chilli
Photo courtesy: Stella 

Zara home: Silver plated pearl photo frame.
sorry guys, can't find the link to the Zara online store

photo courtesy: Vicky A

Hello beautiful people, hope you're having a wonderful weekend? I have been a little under the weather this past few days. Damn cold/ dust allergies. I am fully recovered IJN. So what have I been up to? Today, my sissy, Stella (a very good friend) and I went out for lunch/ dinner. If you have lived in a city for more than 2 years and haven't explored it, I shake my head in dismay. Off to lunch: Not an OOTD day, threw on a comfy pair of GAP jeans and H&M crop top and H&M sandals.

Street thai restaurant review: 4.5/5
Location: Brighton

Had a bowl of thai soup, I had always wanted to try out this restaurant and am so glad I did! WARNING, that soup was (spicy) hot but went down well and attacked my cold. Definitely felt so much better afterwards. An oriental restaurant gives you an exciting balance of something new if you're feeling adventurous, you should check this out guys. Was feeling more adventurous afterwards, documented these lovely pictures for you all and got this gorgeous zara pearly/ silver plated photoframe as a gift for two very special friends (from the store).

That's it! My next post would be a set of beauty products. Want to take a guess? I'm sure you'd love it. It should be up by Thursday/ 14th of August 2014. Stay tuned for 'Citown Part 2' also. Lots of love from this girly!

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citown: my word play for city and town: - (ingenious?) don't mind me

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