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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hope you're all having a great sunday? OkAY, it's time for my first ever ever ever nail product review. Andrea Fulerton are great alternatives for curing nail polish... When I plan my outfits, sometimes I get really stressed out if the tiniest detail is not complimentary. This product dries my nail polish in an instant and pays in the end ^_^

Honestly, since most of us agree that the appearance of nails are very crucial for occasions as such, I prefer to have them done professionally. Students, if accounting/ finance/ budgeting was your weakest link at school, you'd pretty much have to step-up if you don't want to go running back to the parents every week. Unless you have a part-time job.

For 3 years, I've been achieving simple and easy manicured nails at home using Andrea Fulerton's nail boutique products. These are a great alternative to UV lights and LED for curing nails. Unless you're feeling pampered or want a day out with friends: to achieve salon perfection without spilling £15-£45 ($20-$60) at the salon, these two have been perfect for my lazy days! 


1.     Prepares the nails
2.     Removes bumps and dust traces for flawless vanish
3.     Locks down the basecoat to the actual nail colour
Quick dry:

1.     One application instantly dries the nail
2.     Enhances shine
3.     Prevents surfaces of wet nail from those silly smudges and dents
4.     Contains vitamin E which nourishes the nail
5.     Infuses the nail also with incha inchi oil (high in omega 3-6-9 fatty acid)- Think fish and almonds.

The only downside is that the pre-varnish is a little drying to my natural nails and that's because my nails are brittle anyway. I prevent drying nails by moisturising with nourishing avocado/ olive oil and this method reduces this effect 98%. Gotta be honest here.

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My natural nails are pretty short atm and I really want some length. I have thought about using gel nails (esp), press-on's or acrylic, a bit scared because my nails are very brittle and baby like. What do you think, are they worth the hassle? 

If I eventually settle for the salon, I would post an update. Thanks for reading again! 

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