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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Who said you can't wear jeans on jeans?! It is the best fashion combination especially if you feel daring to rock the unusual.

On my way to London today, I have paired my favourite jean jacket with a pair of pink jean bottoms and some grungy thick soled boots.

Tips on how to:
  • Make sure one or the other jean material is 2 shades darker and less conspicuous than its pair. The trick is you want to look effortless in putting this outfit together.

  • Body type: Girls, make sure you wear the darker jean material on your prominent body parts so it looks balanced overall. For instance, if you are top heavy, wear a darker denim and a white wash as your base. In my pictures however, I have paired these two outfits the other way round because of my pear shape.

  • Shoes: You can pair this outfit also with blue white wash denim sandals/ shoes making sure the material matches the jacket otherwise you risk looking like a clown. Then again black goes on everything, I couldn't resist adding some edge to this look.

  • Face: Keep it looking fresh and natural, you don't want to make much of a statement remember?

  • Bag: a nice pop of dark brown studded bag would complete this look and complement the whole outfit. Again, a nude bag and matching shoes could replace the studs and grunge for a casual evening date.

  • Hair: I have my hair up in this picture, just because it was too big and I felt it competing with my outfit ;)
All pictures courtesy: Vicks Adeyemi (Thanks gorgeous!)
skinny jeans: New Look
Boots: New Look
Bag: Old vintage

Hope you've enjoyed this :)
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