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This post summarizes some of my best hair care methods and highlights some tips on how I've maintained it over the past 3 years. When I was a lot younger, I never really bothered with my hair as much. I was mostly spotted in braids. Having moved away from home to study, I started paying more attention to my hair and its upkeep. For the past three years, I noticed a significant difference in its:
1.             Health
2.           Growth rate

                                                                                                                                                                                         STEP 1:


                                                         STEP 2:

Wash at least once a week with 1:2 parts shampoo : conditioner 
For the type of hair I have, it is more important to moisturize than wash. This is because the hair's cuticle hardly initiates sebum to produce natural oils that moisturize my scalp. Meaning I need to moisturize myself and my scalp/ hair is never greasy! yaay!
                                                                                                                                                                                     STEP 3:
Moisturise with Moroccan Argan Oil

This essential oil is mostly found in the tropical parts of the world particularly originating from southwest Morocco obviously (haha). I don't want to bore you with the needly deedly aspects of information overload but you just can't help it when you've spent 3 years writing papers for a degree.

This oil is true to its nature being that: 
  • Its colour gives shine and body
  • It naturally contains water which is an instant moisturizer
  • this particular product smells gorgeous like- Marc Jacobs daisy fragrance

                                                                             STEP 4:
Onto Rosemary oil

The first time I heard of this amazing, beautiful, sexy oil was when I came across an article by CurlyNikki in 2012. She wrote about the benefits of rosemary oil for hair growth.

I've been using this baby for a year now and I wish I had known about it earlier! Not only can it be used for hair treatments but also to reduce acne and relieve stress. This oil has been extracted already so you can just add it to your daily oils. It is concentrated therefore only a tiny drop would do.

                                                                           STEP 5:
Massage that scalp!
For the best result yet, massage your scalp often. 

Using the head of my diffuser/ fingertips, I do this every weekend on my wash days with rosemary oil. This stimulant with th action of heat and a circular motion on my scalp helps the oil penetrate my scalp and stimulate my hair follicles. Massaging helps:

  • ü  Reduce baldness
  • ü  Increase growth rate
  • ü  Maintain length as follicles are nurtured to prolong hair cycle
  • ü  Relieve stress, one of the arch enemies to hair growth

                                                                                                                                                                                  STEP 6:
Exercise as often as you can

Sitting in front of a computer screen on a 09:00-17:00 or whenever your work shift is scheduled can be the damnest thing! You want to make sure that you are active and moving otherwise you might end up like a fat blob with built up stress. To be fit physically and mentally:

  • Jog at least once a week- especially along the country side if you can help it.
  • Ride a bicycle to work (school)/ Walk
  • Do sit ups and press ups if you like when you get out of bed
 Exercising frequently helps set my mind at ease. Gets my blood flowing through my veins which of course is transmitted to my hair follicles. Again, another recipe for hair growth.

                                                                                                       STEP 7:
Trim, trim, trim
Scissors, are a girls best friennnnd (Song). In essence, our hairs diamonds are scissors. 

If you are trying to grow out your hair, this section might upset you a little. Its alright you don't have to cut1/2 inch of your hair if you want to maintain length. There are several hair products such as 'Carol's daughter monoi repair serum' that cater towards healing those scraddled (is that even a word) ends.

 However, if you are like me and would rather lose a little to have a lot more, I suggest you get rid of those ends. Hair grows at a 1.25cm rate every month so the benefits outweigh the cost.

There you go, my one month proven steps to volumcious, sexy, big healthy hair.

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