HAIR TIPS | Curly afro hair tutorial

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My natural hair is a loosely coiled 4b - 4c texture based hair typing here. So to get the hair style in the posts below, I followed these quick and easy steps:
Lipstick: Sleek matte
Earrings: New Look

Firstly, you'd need:

Hair gel e.g ecostyler
A spray bottle with just water
Styling oil of choice e.g. Olive Oil/ Macadamia
Time: 15-20 minutes (depending on the length and volume of hair)

Starting off with freshly washed, hair dried, un-stretched hair, I:

Sectioned hair into 4 parts.
Applied Gel.
Twisted up.
Rolled the twist up into a bantu-knot.
Left to set overnight with a satin scarf in place or a satin pillow.
unravel the bantu knots following morning

This video follows on from the bantu knot:

Style and go!
Hope you enjoyed this :)

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